Luke 12

Luk 12:1 At which time the myriads of the crowd being gathered together, so as to trample on one another, He began to say to His disciples first, Take heed to yourselves of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.
Luk 12:2 But there is nothing which has been completely concealed which will not be uncovered, nor hidden which will not be known.
Luk 12:3 Therefore, whatever you said in the darkness will be heard in the light; and whatever you spoke in the ear in the secret rooms will be proclaimed on the housetops.
Luk 12:4 But I say to you, My friends, stop being afraid of the ones killing the body, and after these things not having anything more they can do.
Luk 12:5 But I will warn you whom you should fear; fear the One who after the killing has authority to cast into Hell; yea, I say to you, Fear that One!
Luk 12:6 Are not five sparrows sold for two assaria? And not one of them has been forgotten before God.
Luk 12:7 But even the hairs of your head have all been numbered. Then stop being afraid; you differ from many sparrows.
Luk 12:8 But I say to you, Everyone who may confess Me before men, the Son of Man will also confess him before the angels of God.
Luk 12:9 But he that denies me before man shall be denied before the angels of God.
Luk 12:10 And everyone who shall say a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven Him; but the ones blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven.
Luk 12:11 But when they bring you in before synagogues and rulers and the authorities, do not be anxious how or what you shall reply, or what you should say;
Luk 12:12 for the Holy Spirit will teach you in the same hour what you ought to say.
Luk 12:13 And one from the crowd said to Him, Teacher, tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me.
Luk 12:14 But He said to him, Man, who appointed Me a judge or a divider over you?
Luk 12:15 And He said to them, Beware, and keep back from covetousness; for one’s life is not in the abundance of the things which are his.
Luk 12:16 And He spoke a parable to them, saying, A certain rich man produced well from the land.
Luk 12:17 And he reasoned within himself, saying, What may I do, for I have nowhere I may gather my fruits?
Luk 12:18 And he said, I will do this; I will tear down my barns and I will build larger; and I will gather there all my produce and my goods.
Luk 12:19 And I will say to my soul, Soul, you have many goods laid up for many years; take rest, eat, drink, and be glad.
Luk 12:20 But God said to him, Fool! This night they demand your soul from you; and that which you prepared, to whom will it be?
Luk 12:21 So is he treasuring up for himself, and not being rich toward God.
Luk 12:22 And He said to His disciples, Because of this I say to you, Do not be anxious as to your life, what you should eat; nor as to the body, what you should put on.
Luk 12:23 The life is more than the food and the body than the clothing.
Luk 12:24 Consider the ravens, for they do not sow, nor do they reap; to which there is no storehouse or barn, and God feeds them. How much rather you differ from the birds!
Luk 12:25 And who of you by being anxious is able to add one cubit to his stature?
Luk 12:26 Then if you are not able to do even the least, why are you anxious about the rest?
Luk 12:27 Consider the lilies, how they grow: they do not labor, nor do they spin, but I say to you, Not even Solomon in all his glory was clothed as one of these.
Luk 12:28 But if God so dresses the grass, which today is in the field and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much rather you, little-faiths?
Luk 12:29 And you, do not seek what you shall eat, or what you shall drink, and stop being in anxiety.
Luk 12:30 For all the nations of the world seek after these things, and your Father knows that you need these things.
Luk 12:31 But seek the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you.
Luk 12:32 Stop being afraid, little flock, because your Father was pleased to give you the kingdom.
Luk 12:33 Sell your possessions and give alms. Make for yourselves purses that do not grow old, an unfailing treasure in Heaven, where a thief cannot come near, nor moth can corrupt.
Luk 12:34 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Luk 12:35 Let your loins be girded about, and the lamps burning,
Luk 12:36 and you be like men awaiting their lord when he returns from the feasts, so that he coming and knocking, they will at once open to him.
Luk 12:37 Blessed are those slaves whom the lord will find watching when he comes. Truly I say to you that he will gird himself and will make them recline, and coming up he will serve them.
Luk 12:38 And if he comes in the second watch, or he comes in the third watch, and finds it so, blessed are those slaves.
Luk 12:39 But know this, that if the house-master had known the hour the thief is coming, he would have watched and would not have allowed his house to be dug through.
Luk 12:40 And you, then, be ready; for in the hour you think not, the Son of Man comes.
Luk 12:41 And Peter said to Him, Lord, do You speak this parable to us, or also to all?
Luk 12:42 And the Lord said, Who then is the faithful and wise steward whom the Lord will set over his house servants, to give the portion of food in season?
Luk 12:43 Blessed is that slave when his Lord comes and will find him so doing.
Luk 12:44 Truly I say to you, He will set him over all His possessions.
Luk 12:45 But if that slave should say in his heart, My Lord delays to come, and should begin to beat the men servants and the female servants, and to eat and to drink and be drunk,
Luk 12:46 the Lord of that slave will come in the day in which he does not expect, and in an hour which he does not know. And He will cut him apart and will put his portion with the unbelievers.
Luk 12:47 But that slave knowing the will of his Lord, and not preparing, nor doing according to His will, will be beaten with many stripes.
Luk 12:48 But he not knowing, and doing things worthy of stripes, will be beaten with few. And everyone given much, much will be demanded from him. And to whom much was deposited, more exceedingly they will ask of him.
Luk 12:49 I came to hurl fire into the earth, and what will I if it already has been lit?
Luk 12:50 But I have a baptism to be immersed in, and how am I pressed until it is done!
Luk 12:51 Do you think that I came to give peace in the earth? No, I say to you, But rather division.
Luk 12:52 For from now on five in one house will have been divided, three against two, and two against three.
Luk 12:53 Father will be divided against son, and son against father; mother against daughter, and daughter against mother; mother-in-law against her bride, “and the bride against her mother-in-law.” Mic. 7:6
Luk 12:54 And He also said to the crowd, When you see the cloud rising up from the west, you immediately say, A storm is coming; and it happens so.
Luk 12:55 And when a south wind is blowing, you say, There will be heat; and it occurs.
Luk 12:56 Hypocrites! You know to discern the face of the earth and of the heaven, but how is it you do not discern this time?
Luk 12:57 And why do you not judge what is right even of yourselves?
Luk 12:58 For as you go with your adversary to a judge, give pains in the way to be set free from him, that he not drag you to the judge, and the judge deliver you to the officer, and the officer throw you into prison.
Luk 12:59 I say to you, In no way may you leave there until you pay even the last lepton.

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