What, Lord, should I do?

“What must we [I] do?” This is THE question Luke wants all of us to ask. Luke is looking for more than just, “What must I believe?” God uses Luke to speak to our times when goodness and godliness are associated only with what we feel or what we think.

Yes, God wants our hearts, minds, and souls to be thoroughly convicted and passionate. Yes, without faith and love, all action is hollow and vain. But, the Bible makes clear that faith is not genuine if all it does is change what we think between our ears.

Real faith leads us to action. Faith is always displayed in action based upon trust — it is never just mere wistful thinking or good intentions.

When Jesus enters our world, he changes it. When Jesus enters our lives, he changes them. So the question of each day, the ultimate question of faith, is this: “What, Lord, should I do?” So why not begin each day by asking Jesus that question?

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  1. November 12, 2010

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