Churches – Is it Wrong To Be Gay?

Homosexuality is a sin.
Adultery is a sin.
Incest is a sin.
Lust is a sin.

Sexual purity is key!

A sin is a sin is a sin is a sin, no small sins.

Temptation is not a sin, Jesus was tempted.

Sinners act upon temptation, resist temptations and the devil will flee from you!

Through prayer and supplication make your requests be made know.

A church body should Love one another through their difficulties. Homosexuality needs prayer in the church. People with active impure thoughts should not act upon those thoughts.

Grace and Truth is the key. Equal Grace, Equal Truth.

Some churches offer more grace and little truth – arms wide open to anything and everything with not Biblical teaching on this difficult subject.

Some churched offer more truth and little grace – speaking directly from the Bible and leaving no room for human feelings or emotion.

A Spirit-filled church should open its doors unequivically to every sinner and offer as much Grace and Truth as it can bless its visitors with. Prayer needs for these people to be fervent and active.

Allowing people to search out their Truth and allowing the Holy Spirit to convict them of sin (whatever sin that may be), by being taught the perfect Word of God.

Allow the Grace of God to work in a sinners life, even if it hurts – but still come alongside for comfort and prayer and to actively listen.

May the Lord work richly in every believer’s life to provide the assurances of salvation through Jesus Christ and the eternal conviction of the Holy Spirit over sin in our lives.

Let us walk uprightly and support those in times of need, regardless of what that need might be – regardless of the political sensitivty of such subjects.

As the Spirit of God moves, let every man, woman and child see their sin as it is, and turn in full repentance measured by its Truth.

There was but one who walked blameless – and they crucified Him! Amen.

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