Not Yet “Due Time”

Trials and Pain

The devil, things and people being what they are, it is necessary for God to use the hammer, the file and the furnace in His holy work of preparing a saint for true sainthood. It is doubtful whether God can bless a man greatly until He has hurt him deeply.

The Root of the Righteous, 157.

Trials and Pain: Not Yet “Due Time”

But He knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I shall come
forth as gold.
–Job 23:10

God has said He will exalt you in due time, but remember, He is
referring to His time and not yours!

Some of you are actually in a fiery furnace right now. You are in a
special kind of spiritual testing. The pastor may not know it and
others may not know it, but you have been praying and asking the
Lord: “Why don’t you get me out of this?”

In God’s plan it is not yet “due time.” When you have come through
the fire, God will get you out and there will not be any smell of
smoke on your garment and you will not have been harmed.

The only harm that can come will be from your insistence that God
must get you out sooner than He plans.

The Lord has promised to exalt you in due time and He has always
kept His promises to His people.

As children, we can always afford to wait. A saint of God does not
have to be concerned about time when he is in the will of God.
I Call It Heresy! pp. 116-117

“Lord, I pray this morning for anyone who is ‘actually in a fiery
furnace right now.’ Give great grace to endure until the ‘due time’
when You bring release and exaltation. Amen.”

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