But God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of
     Our Lord Jesus Christ.

     — Galatians 6:14

The Gospel of Jesus Christ always forces an issue of will. Do I
accept God’s verdict on sin in the Cross of Christ? Have I the
slightest interest in the death of Jesus? Do I want to be identified
with His death, to be killed right out to all interest in sin, in
worldliness, in self – to be so identified with Jesus that I am
spoilt for every thing else but Him? The great privilege of
discipleship is that I can sign on under His Cross, and that means
death to sin. Get alone with Jesus and either tell Him that you do
not want sin to die out in you; or else tell Him that at all costs
you want to be identified with His death. Immediately you transact in
confident faith in what Our Lord did on the Cross, a supernatural
identification with His death takes place, and you will know with a
knowledge that passeth knowledge that your ""old man"" is crucified
with Christ. The proof that your old man is crucified with Christ is
the amazing ease with which the life of God in you enables you to
obey the voice of Jesus Christ.

Every now and again, Our Lord lets us see what we would be like if it
were not for Himself; it is a justification of what He said –
""Without Me ye can do nothing."" That is why the bedrock of
Christianity is personal, passionate devotion to the Lord Jesus. We
mistake the ecstasy of our first introduction into the Kingdom for
the purpose of God in getting us there; His purpose in getting us
there is that we may realize all that identification with Jesus
Christ means.

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