Psalms 45:8

“Whereby they have made thee glad.”
— Psalms 45:8

And who are thus privileged to make the Saviour glad? His church-his
people. But is it possible? He makes us glad, but how can we make him
glad? By our love. Ah! we think it so cold, so faint; and so, indeed,
we must sorrowfully confess it to be, but it is very sweet to Christ.
Hear his own eulogy of that love in the golden Canticle: “How fair is
thy love, my sister, my spouse! how much better is thy love than wine!”
See, loving heart, how he delights in you. When you lean your head on
his bosom, you not only receive, but you give him joy; when you gaze
with love upon his all-glorious face, you not only obtain comfort, but
impart delight. Our praise, too, gives him joy-not the song of the lips
alone, but the melody of the heart’s deep gratitude. Our gifts, too,
are very pleasant to him; he loves to see us lay our time, our talents,
our substance upon the altar, not for the value of what we give, but
for the sake of the motive from which the gift springs. To him the
lowly offerings of his saints are more acceptable than the thousands of
gold and silver. Holiness is like frankincense and myrrh to him.
Forgive your enemy, and you make Christ glad; distribute of your
substance to the poor, and he rejoices; be the means of saving souls,
and you give him to see of the travail of his soul; proclaim his
gospel, and you are a sweet savour unto him; go among the ignorant and
lift up the cross, and you have given him honour. It is in your power
even now to break the alabaster box, and pour the precious oil of joy
upon his head, as did the woman of old, whose memorial is to this day
set forth wherever the gospel is preached. Will you be backward then?
Will you not perfume your beloved Lord with the myrrh and aloes, and
cassia, of your heart’s praise? Yes, ye ivory palaces, ye shall hear
the songs of the saints!

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