We have to recover what has been spiritually taken from us

Scripture: Matthew 26:47-54

Peter took Jesus seriously and bought a Sword. Jesus was betrayed by one of His own but Peter wielded the sword in his defense. In John?s account we find it is Peter who takes the Sword and swings it and cuts off the high priest?s ear. Is it Peter who is ready to use the sword? Peter used the sword prematurely and Jesus had to rectify his actions. Jesus healed the High Priest?s servant and put his ear back on. In Acts chapter 5, who is it who is standing up with the Kingly anointing and swinging the sword? It is Peter! Peter has taken Jesus? Words seriously. He bought a sword used it incorrectly at the wrong time. Jesus healed that incident. Because Peter took Jesus seriously, he was ready for it in Acts 5. Now where are today?s Peters? They should be all over the church! Where are they? We have not trained them, we have not gotten them ready. Most people in the church today do not even know how to swing a spiritual sword. They do not even know you can stand up and declare and decree. They are not ready for the Holy Spirit to activate them in any way, shape or form. Is this a failure of the New Testament church in our day? It certainly is! We have not prepared people for the last days. The primary barrier has been dishonest gain. When we choose one Scripture over another and do not allow both to speak in their context, we depart from the pattern of sound doctrine. This can mute the church, so that we have to recover what has been spiritually taken from us in order to regain our true voice.

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