Choose you this day whom ye will serve.
— Joshua 24:15

Will is the whole man active. I cannot give up my will, I must
exercise it. I must will to obey, and I must will to receive God’s
Spirit. When God gives a vision of truth it is never a question of
what He will do, but of what we will do. The Lord has been putting
before us all some big propositions, and the best thing to do is to
remember what you did when you were touched by God before – the time
when you were saved, or first saw Jesus, or realized some truth. It
was easy then to yield allegiance to God; recall those moments now as
the Spirit of God brings before you some new proposition.

“Choose you this day whom ye will serve.” It is a deliberate
calculation, not something into which you drift easily; and
everything else is in abeyance until you decide. The proposition is
between you and God; do not confer with flesh and blood about it.
With every new proposition other people get more and more “out of
it,” that is where the strain comes. God allows the opinion of His
saints to matter to you, and yet you are brought more and more out of
the certainty that others understand the step you are taking. You
have no business to find out where God is leading, the only thing God
will explain to you is Himself.

Profess to Him – ‘I will be loyal.’ Immediately you choose to be
loyal to Jesus Christ, you are a witness against yourself. Don’t
consult other Christians, but profess before Him – I will serve Thee.
Will to be loyal – and give other people credit for being loyal too.

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