Crossing Jordan

Pharisee! what will you do in the swelling of Jordan? When your self-righteousness fails to support you–when your Babel of good works is crumbling around you–when your foundation of sand is sliding from beneath you–and the religion you have cherished is leaving you without support, without comfort, without peace, without hope–what then will you do? Death is confronting you! You have entered the river! It is dark, cold, and heaving; it deepens, surges, moans; it floats you from the shore of time; it bears you on to the ocean of eternity, and you disappear–a soul lost, LOST forever! Oh, cast from you the garment of your own righteousness, and accept in faith the Savior’s, and then death’s waters will waft you upon their gentle swelling safe to glory, and you shall be a soul saved, SAVED forever!

Anxious, sin-burdened soul! how will you do in the swelling of Jordan? Will you take with you those convictions, that load of guilt, to the brink of the river? Oh no! part with them now and forever! Lay them down at the cross, cast them at Jesus’ feet, and in faith plunge in the sea of His atoning blood, and you need not dread the river of death.

Dying saint! look at death through Jesus, and how lovely will it appear! Christ invests every object beheld by faith through Him with beauty and attraction. Oh, you shall fall in love with death, and be enamored of the grave, if you will view them both through your dying, risen, living Lord! It is not with death you have to do, it is with death’s Conqueror. Descend, then, to the river with a firm, unfaltering step.

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  1. It is not with death you have to do, it is with death’s Conqueror.

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