Finding Your Leadership Style

By Author Unknown

There are many different ways to lead God’s people.

Visionary leader – These leaders have a crystal-clear picture of what they want to happen. They cast visions powerfully and possess indefatigable enthusiasm to pursue the mission.

Directional leader – The directional leader can carefully assess the values, mission, strengths, weaknesses, resources, personnel, and openness to change of an organization – then point that organization in the right direction.

Strategic leader – A strategic leader forms a game plan everyone can understand and is able to get various departments synchronized and focused toward the goal.

Managing leader – These leaders possess the unique ability to establish mile markers on the road to the destination, then organize and monitor people, processes, systems, and resources for mission achievement.

Motivational leader – These leaders possess insight into who needs a fresh challenge, additional training, public recognition, and an encouraging word or a day off.

Shepherding leader – This man or woman loves team members so deeply, nurtures them so gently, supports them so consistently, listens to them so patiently, and prays for them so diligently that the mission of the team gets achieved.

Team-building leader – This person has supernatural insight into people to find or develop leaders with the right abilities, character, and chemistry with other team members.

Re-engineering leader – This kind of leader loves to tune up, heal, and revitalize hurting organizations.

Bridge-building leader – This leader brings a wide variety of constituencies together under a single umbrella of leadership so that a complex organization can achieve its mission.

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