Nine Essential Leadership Skills

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What basic leadership skills make pastors effective in their ministries? Here are 9 essentials.

Leaders do lead. Many people in positions of religious leadership simply don’t lead. The fact is that true leaders do lead. They chart a course, garner the necessary support and resources, and work to succeed.
Leaders lead from a spiritual center. Men and women engaged in ministry are careful to ask God to help them lead from a spiritual center. Today’s spiritual leaders must also take the time they need to quietly seek guidance.
Leaders compromise creatively. As soon as a vision is articulated and plans are established, obstacles and roadblocks will occur. They’ll seek ways to compromise creatively so that the end goal will still be accomplished.
Leaders deal constructively with conflict. Whenever someone provides leadership, conflicts will arise. Effective leaders learn how to deal constructively with conflicts and maneuver around them.
Leaders are willing to listen. Strong leaders know that listening to others helps them in two ways. First, by hearing what others say, their own vision for the future can be clarified, modified, and intensified. Second, when leaders listen respectfully, even to criticisms, they not only gain additional insight, but often receive the support of the speaker. When leaders listen, people rally around.
Leaders are persistent. When leaders fall, they get back up. Most effective leaders faced disappointments on the road to success. Yet they rose up and moved ahead.
Leaders respond positively to negative situations. The lesson for leadership: There will be delays and detours, but true leaders will not be denied. They respond positively, creatively, and energetically to negative situations.
Leaders practice patience. Patience is the willingness to wait long enough for a process to produce the desired results. Good leaders know that after they’ve done everything possible to set events in motion, they can’t force them along.
Leaders maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Effective leaders are aware of their strengths and alert to their weaknesses. They constantly strive to become even more effective.

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