Reversion To The Past

But what is the motive for this strange reversion of Israel’s mind to the past? The context suggests
the answer.

The olden time was the time of the Exodus, the Mosaic epoch. It was normative in its
principles for every crisis. To the prophet’s mind there was no other way for reopening the fountains
of grace than by turning back to this declaration in the wilderness.

The wilderness is the wrestlingplace,
where the spirit of sinful Israel has ever again to meet the mysterious stranger, who has the
blessing, but will not impart it, until it shall have been fought for in bitter anguish of soul. Here is the
vision of the sword and that of the ranks of the slain, perpetual witnesses to the divine resentment of

But here also, nay more impressive, is the picture of sovereign grace unaccountably interposing:
here were the left ones and they did find favor and God did cause them to rest.

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