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PRAYER – Children in Crisis – Uganda, South Africa
March 30, 2008

Pray for the children affected by the Lord Revolutionist Army.
Pray for the leadership qualities of the men and woman who are stepping in to give their time and energy so that people may live or increase their quality of life.
Pray for the provision of food, clean water, education, retro-viral drugs and that the people may learn to be self-sustaining in their growth.
Pray for finances of the Non-Government Organizations to build, develop and maintain services required to care for the poor, the orphaned and the sick.
Pray that the Church of Jesus Christ be established in each and every town center, and heart of every person in Uganda. Send people to be the hands and feet of Christ to minister to these people – which they might share in the joy of Salvation in Christ.
Pray that the government for Uganda will provide the basic necessities that it has promised in its constitution and strive to increase the quality of life for its citizens.

Things to be aware of.
AIDS/HIV is a very real problem. For every mother that dies, 4 children (average) become orphans.
Orphans raising children, children raising children contributes to the problem of under-socialized, under-educated adults.
The mortality rate is adversely affected by having clean drinking water; children are most susceptible to early death because of poor water conditions.

Shoes are in great need because the foot is a major entry-point of viral infection because of open wounds on the soles of people’s feet.

Non-Government Organizations are in great need for Business Administration skills to make their work viable.
Leaders are layman – men and women rising to the challenge because of a need so great and no one with power to accommodate.

Children need uniforms, supplies and shoes to attend school, but the classes are overpopulated – 6 teachers for 400 students.
Skills and trades need to be taught and learned for children to grow and mature into active adults in their communities.

Models need to be designed and recognized that allow business, financial and charitable ideas to be brought to reality.
Many of the servants of Christ are overworked, contribute their time freely and carry a large burden themselves – pray for their Spirit of tenacity, perseverance and power.

One man organizes and maintains the operations of 60 churches.
One woman in charge of 3500 students in 11 different schools.

Housing and sleeping conditions is a major concern for most.

North American disabled have access to wheelchairs and drugs, third world countries have little to no access for their disabled. Handicapped people are ostracized and outcast because of their special needs in an already difficult living condition.

In the Name of Christ we pray, Amen and Amen.

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