John 6:67

""Will ye also go away?"" 
              — John 6:67

Many have forsaken Christ, and have walked no more with him; but what
reason have YOU to make a change? Has there been any reason for it in
the past? Has not Jesus proved himself all-sufficient? He appeals to
you this morning-""Have I been a wilderness unto you?"" When your soul
has simply trusted Jesus, have you ever been confounded? Have you not
up till now found your Lord to be a compassionate and generous friend
to you, and has not simple faith in him given you all the peace your
spirit could desire? Can you so much as dream of a better friend than
he has been to you? Then change not the old and tried for new and
false. As for the present, can that compel you to leave Christ? When we
are hard beset with this world, or with the severer trials within the
Church, we find it a most blessed thing to pillow our head upon the
bosom of our Saviour. This is the joy we have to-day that we are saved
in him; and if this joy be satisfying, wherefore should we think of
changing? Who barters gold for dross? We will not forswear the sun till
we find a better light, nor leave our Lord until a brighter lover shall
appear; and, since this can never be, we will hold him with a grasp
immortal, and bind his name as a seal upon our arm. As for the future,
can you suggest anything which can arise that shall render it necessary
for you to mutiny, or desert the old flag to serve under another
captain? We think not. If life be long-he changes not. If we are poor,
what better than to have Christ who can make us rich? When we are sick,
what more do we want than Jesus to make our bed in our sickness? When
we die, is it not written that ""neither death, nor life, nor things
present, nor things to come, shall be able to separate us from the love
of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord!"" We say with Peter, ""Lord,
to whom shall we go?""

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