Isaiah 43:6

“Keep not back.”
— Isaiah 43:6

Although this message was sent to the south, and referred to the seed
of Israel, it may profitably be a summons to ourselves. Backward we are
naturally to all good things, and it is a lesson of grace to learn to
go forward in the ways of God. Reader, are you unconverted, but do you
desire to trust in the Lord Jesus? Then keep not back. Love invites
you, the promises secure you success, the precious blood prepares the
way. Let not sins or fears hinder you, but come to Jesus just as you
are. Do you long to pray? Would you pour out your heart before the
Lord? Keep not back. The mercy-seat is prepared for such as need mercy;
a sinner’s cries will prevail with God. You are invited, nay, you are
commanded to pray, come therefore with boldness to the throne of grace.

Dear friend, are you already saved? Then keep not back from union with
the Lord’s people. Neglect not the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s
Supper. You may be of a timid disposition, but you must strive against
it, lest it lead you into disobedience. There is a sweet promise made
to those who confess Christ-by no means miss it, lest you come under
the condemnation of those who deny him. If you have talents keep not
back from using them. Hoard not your wealth, waste not your time; let
not your abilities rust or your influence be unused. Jesus kept not
back, imitate him by being foremost in self-denials and
self-sacrifices. Keep not back from close communion with God, from
boldly appropriating covenant blessings, from advancing in the divine
life, from prying into the precious mysteries of the love of Christ.
Neither, beloved friend, be guilty of keeping others back by your
coldness, harshness, or suspicions. For Jesus’ sake go forward
yourself, and encourage others to do the like. Hell and the leaguered
bands of superstition and infidelity are forward to the fight. O
soldiers of the cross, keep not back.

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