Holy Missionaries Are Most Hedonistic

…In recounting the main characteristics of this movement, Grant puts “glad obedience” at the top of the list: “In the first place, the missionary obedience of the Moravian Brethren was essentially glad and spontaneous, ‘the response of a healthy organism to the law of its life.'”[24]

Andrew Murray refers to this “law of life” in his missionary classic, Key to the Missionary Problem. Nature teaches us that every believer should be a soul-winner: “It is an essential part of the new nature. We see it in every child who loves to tell of his happiness and to bring others to share his joys.”[25] Missions is the automatic outflow and overflow of love for Christ. We delight to enlarge our joy in Him by extending it to others.
— John Piper (Desiring God, pp 245)

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