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London, Ontario, Canada

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The last three years I have been at FedEx Express filling multiple roles wherever needed. My genuine skill is finding what is lacking, filling the gap and increasing potential in that area for a set period of time. I adapt quickly and perform well under pressure in multiple environments and job descriptions.

Areas of Expertise:

Customer Service Management

Cost-Reduction Strategies, Accurate Order Fulfillment, Customer Satisfaction

Retail Operations Management, Team Building and Leading Training Seminars

Inventory Control, Internal & External Auditing

Systems Integration, Human Resources/Staffing

Time Management/Scheduling

Complaint Handling & Resolution

Marketing/PR, Business Model Development and Strategy, Corporate Branding

Customer Satisfaction Enhancement, Front-End Supervision

Computer Networks and Hardware Upgrades

Social Media & Online Presence Networking, Web/Mobile domain design

Sales Growth & Margin Improvement, Financial Data Analysis

Cash Handling/Banking

7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey)


Professional Experience:

FedEx Express – 2012 to present – (YXUA) Senior Courier

* Overlooked PM sort setup operations and training

* Completed DG Specialist training

* Mentoring Best Practices to other team members

*  Provides leadership in situations that arise while the General Manager is away


FedEx Express – 2012 – 2013 – (YXUA) Package Handler

FedEx Express – 2013 – 2014 – (YXUA) PT Courier

FedEx Express – 2014 – Present – (YXUA) DG Specialist

FedEx Express – 2015 – Present – (YXUA) (YYZR)(YHMA) Management Candidate


Rogers Wireless – 2012  – Retail/Administration

London, Ontario


Corporate Work Experience:

Fast Eddies Franchise System

Simcoe, Ontario –  1992 to 2006

General Manager/Operator/District Manager/Franchisee


As a District Manager I was overseeing compliance in:

* Computer networks

* Computer/Cash register programming

* Cleanliness of multiple facilities, Groundskeeping/landscaping

* Maintenance of equipment (electrical, plumbing, hardware, rooftop, new construction, contracts)

* Septic systems control/maintenance

* HAACP compliance, First Aid/CPR/WSIB certification compliance

* Leadership/ Management strategy with franchisees, Proactive structuring of processes


Network Office Experience:

HTML coding, PHP coding, AJAX

PERL, MYSQL server setup and optimization, MSSQL application

Computer networking, router setups for businesses

New computer setup, installs/swipes

System maintenance/tuneups, installation of all hardware components

Microsoft Office – Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook

PC and MAC environments, UNIX/LINUX, Network servers and NAS Network storage

Recently I have been updating my skills using the SkillSoft education system. Theses courses are distance education courses focusing on 1900 different course studies involving Six Sigma, Windows, Apple (MAC), Project management, Employee Standards, Middle Management performance, and Business Leadership. All courses offer accreditation and certification.


Other Previous Work Experience:


London, Ontario – 2007 to 2012

Owner Operator / Auto Parts Courier driving to Chatham twice daily.

* Followed rules of the road for safety, accident free 1,000,000 kms

* Followed strict time table to drop off and pick up of deliveries.

* Practice regulation of systems such as circle check and maintenance.

* Provided assistance to retail store staff during delivery.

* Understanding of local geographical area by reading and studying maps.

* Also kept interior of delivery truck very clean, minor repairing of vehicle as needed.

* Prepared accurate reports daily for trips and inventory.

* Responsible for reporting situations to management (safety)

* Made sure that the vehicle is within maintenance compliance for daily trips.

* Maintained brakes, tires, lights, oil, fuel, safety equipment, water etc, other various duties as




London, Ottawa, Windsor, Indiana – 2011 to 2012

Work as an operator of RV trailers brokering shipments from manufacturer to dealer.

* Customer service between manufacturer and its customers.

* Responsible for quality control inspection of product being delivered.

* Responsible for safe transport of a full-size RV trailer and small wares.

* Understanding of local geographical area by reading and studying maps.

* Maintained vehicle to compliance and all DOT paperwork.


Education Background:

High School Diploma, Simcoe Composite High School

Simcoe Composite High School – Simcoe, ON

September/1987 to June/1991

Earned 30 credits; concentration in business studies – Graduated class of 1991


Other Training:

Completed numerous courses and seminars in customer service, sales strategies, inventory control, loss prevention, time management, leadership, performance assessment and food safety. Also knowledgeable using Windows and Mac computer environments. I am very skilled with technology products.

Dangerous Goods Specialist training (Current, October 2013)

Forklift licence (Current, Propane, 150+ hours)

Electric pallet jack (100 hours)

Import/Export training

Business leadership and management – Franklin-Covey Seminars

300 hours module training on, 125 hours module training on Skillsoft/PeopleSoft

Commercial driving course from Modern Truck Driving School 2008 – Hamilton, Ontario

DZ Certification – 5 ton Straight Truck/Fire Truck

Defensive Driving certification

First Aid / CPR-C Certification (Current, August 2012)

Hazardous Goods Certification (Current, May 2012)

Drivers Abstract is 0 demerits

Police Screening Record Search – clean and current

Police Vulnerability Screening – clean and current

White Belt Six Sigma Training, Green Belt Six Sigma Training (In Progress)

Licenses: DM2Z


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