Proverb 16:33

“The lot is cast into the lap, but the whole disposing thereof
       is of the Lord.” 
              — Proverb 16:33

If the disposal of the lot is the Lord’s whose is the arrangement of
our whole life? If the simple casting of a lot is guided by him, how
much more the events of our entire life-especially when we are told by
our blessed Saviour: “The very hairs of your head are all numbered: not
a sparrow falleth to the ground without your Father.” It would bring a
holy calm over your mind, dear friend, if you were always to remember
this. It would so relieve your mind from anxiety, that you would be the
better able to walk in patience, quiet, and cheerfulness as a Christian
should. When a man is anxious he cannot pray with faith; when he is
troubled about the world, he cannot serve his Master, his thoughts are
serving himself. If you would “seek first the kingdom of God and his
righteousness,” all things would then be added unto you. You are
meddling with Christ’s business, and neglecting your own when you fret
about your lot and circumstances. You have been trying “providing” work
and forgetting that it is yours to obey. Be wise and attend to the
obeying, and let Christ manage the providing. Come and survey your
Father’s storehouse, and ask whether he will let you starve while he
has laid up so great an abundance in his garner? Look at his heart of
mercy; see if that can ever prove unkind! Look at his inscrutable
wisdom; see if that will ever be at fault. Above all, look up to Jesus
Christ your Intercessor, and ask yourself, while he pleads, can your
Father deal ungraciously with you? If he remembers even sparrows, will
he forget one of the least of his poor children? “Cast thy burden upon
the Lord, and he will sustain thee. He will never suffer the righteous
to be moved.”

My soul, rest happy in thy low estate,
Nor hope nor wish to be esteem’d or great;
To take the impress of the Will Divine,
Be that thy glory, and those riches thine.

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